Introduction to Big Data 

Big Data is one of the most rewarding careers with several opportunities in the domain. Organizations today are skimming for data analysts, data engineers, and professionals with Big Data expertise in a considerable number. The need for analytics professionals and big data architects is also increasing in demand. Today, many seek to pursue their big data career by grabbing big data jobs as freshers. Data science is a core job that has noticed the perceptible shift and provided career opportunities to different professionals skilled in coding, analytics, maths, statistics, and data visualization.

What is data science? 

Data science is the domain of study that manages vast volumes of data utilizing modern tools and strategies to find unnoticed patterns, get important information, and make business decisions. Data science utilizes machine learning algorithms to make predictive models.

Prerequisites for a career in Data Science

Before moving forward in your career in Data Science or learning about it, these are some of the technical concepts you should know about. 

Machine Learning

Machine learning is the spine of data science. Data Scientists ought to have a solid understanding of ML in addition to basic knowledge of statistics.


Mathematical models allow you to make immediate calculations and forecasts based on what you already know about the data. Modeling is also a part of Machine Learning and involves pinpointing which algorithm is the most appropriate to solve a given problem and how to train these models.


Statistics are at the core of data science. A perfect handle on statistics can help you pull more intelligence and receive more significant effects.


Some level of programming is required to conduct a successful data science project. The most familiar programming languages are Python and R. Python is extremely popular because it's plain to learn and supports multiple data science and ML libraries.


A capable data scientist must comprehend databases, manage them, and extract data from them. If you want a career in Big Data, you must have an advanced degree and higher knowledge. 

There are resources to understand data science online to make the operation easier. Education providers like Edta offer Data Science online courses such as the Data Science Program and Data Analytics Program that are much more career-focused and eventually better than trying to learn all of this on your own. These practices entitle you to gain in-depth knowledge about data scientists' most advanced skills and technologies, such as Tableau, Hadoop, R, SAS, Python, machine learning, and more.

Guide to starting  a career in Big Data

The area has a comprehensive variety of data-related jobs and a need for highly skilled people. 

Understand what you like the most.

Usually, a data team has multiple roles: data scientist, data analyst, data engineer, and machine learning engineer are some of these positions. Most work deals with data in tables and graphs, not using a robot-making magic tool. Learn what you can do best and go for that job role. 

Dive into the area you like. 

Start with courses, participate in workshops and meetups, and read about the subject. Suddenly you will be facing a whole map of what is inside your area's scope, which will help you learn what your area is. 

Keep tabs on other areas too. 

Know other areas' basics and keep updated with the latest things. 

Have a strong Portfolio and stand out. 

Search the internet for excellent problems and projects, and create solutions. Show practical use cases that you understand and perform your role well.


Working with data is challenging and needs constant learning. We must keep studying and tracking what is new, besides learning about the businesses we are working with. 


Certifications in Big Data 

Big Data Certification Training

Apache Solr Certification Training

Apache Storm Certification Training

Big Data Architect Masters Program

Apache Kafka Certification Training

Apache Spark and Scala Certification Training

MapReduce Design Patterns Certification Training

Mastering Apache Ambari Certification Training

Hadoop Administration Certification Training

Comprehensive Pig Certification Training

Comprehensive MapReduce Certification Training

Python Spark Certification Training

Splunk Training & amp Certification- Power User & amp Admin














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