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Course Description

Automation testing is the fastest-growing field in the IT industry. Ranorex is a GUI test automation framework designed to test desktop, web-based, and mobile applications. Testing with Ranorex estimates the application on its execution and seamless exchange aspects. Moreover, it aligns the development work with the client's design specifications.

Ranorex is a powerful tool for test automation. A GUI test automation framework tests web-based, desktop, and mobile applications. Ranorex does not have the scripting language to automate an application, and it uses standard programming languages such as VB.NET and C#.

Functional Testing is the process through which QAs determine if a software is acting by pre-determined conditions. It operates black-box testing methods, in which the tester does not know the inner system logic.

Manual Test Engineers Automation Test Engineers Quality Assurance Practitioners Team Leaders Managers

Basic knowledge of Software Testing Knowledge of test automation

It confirms the proper working of all the application/software/product functionalities. It guarantees that the software/product functions as wanted. It provides security and safety and improves the quality of the product.

The demand for functional Testing is essential in validating the quality and functionality of the software. Through this software testing technique, quality assurance teams verify the software functionality based on the Software Requirements Specification (SRS) and ensure the system functions per user specifications.

The product specifications define the scope of Functional Testing, whereas the range of Non-Functional Testing depends on the system architecture. Functional Testing protects the technical functionalities. As the IT sector grows, so is the demand for functional Testing.

What you'll learn

  • In this course, you will learn: Automation Fundamentals Script Creation & Test Log Debugging Checkpoints Parameterization Advanced Scripting Concepts


  • Basic knowledge of Software Testing Knowledge of test automation Basic Knowledge of Software Development Basic Knowledge of Software Test Documents.


Learn about Automation and automation testing.

Test Automation Architecture
Testing Process
Testing Strategy
Six Phases of Testing
Ranorex Installation

This section teaches you about Ranorex UI.

Ranorex IDE
Ranorex benefits
Supported UI technologies
The Ranorex Studio user interface

make the basic scripts, and run the exact test in Ranorex.

Create a new test solution, Creating & record a new Ranorex project : Steps for successful recording, Record the test, Validate a UI element, Stop the recording, Summary
Script validation : Recorded actions, Repository items, The link between activities and repository items
Script validation : Recorded actions, Repository items, The link between activities and repository items
Running the test : Validate the test result, Cause a test failure, if any, Run the test without Ranorex studio.

Understand the application's properties and how to create multiple repositories and the test Suite structure.

Repository UI : Adapting an Existing Repository, Adding Repository Items, Waiting for UI Elements - Repository Timeouts, Editing RanoreXPath, Repository Separation, Repository Item Properties, RXPath and the Element Browser, Arranging the elements in the repository, Creating multiple repositories
Test Suite structure : Organizing the test cases in a suite using folders, Adding Setup and Teardown, Understanding Error Behavior

Discover Ranorex settings and data connectors with Ranorex.

Settings : General settings, Advanced Settings, Recorder Settings, Repository Settings, Imaging Settings, Plug-In Specific Settings
Data Connectors : Manage Data Sources, Kind of Data Connectors, Simple Data Table, CSV File, SQL Connector, Excel File

execute parameterization concepts along with the variables.

Using Variables within Recordings
Using Variables within the Repository
Creating Test Data
Combining Variables with Test Data
Combining Variables with Parameters
Invoking Actions: Selection
Executing Data-Driven Tests

Discover how to handle the errors during the run time.

Finding Error Sources from the Logs
Handling Individual Action Failures
Applying Test Case Error Options
Repository Timeouts
Handling Conditional Popup

implement advanced scripting concepts by using advanced scripting concepts; Script will become robust and can be used at any time.

The architecture of Websites in the Ranorex Framework
Find or filter Web Elements
Cross-Browser Testing : Running Tests On Different Browsers, Recording Cross-Browser Tests, Adapting to Browser Differences, Best Practices for Web Testing
Recordings & Repositories

Discover how to find the properties by using Ranorex Spy.

Short Introduction to the Structure of RanoreXPath
Capture Screenshot Files for Image-Based Search
Tracking UI Elements
RanoreXPath Edit Mode
The Path Editor
Creating Ranorex Snapshot Files
Understanding Path Expression Syntax
Exploring the Desktop and Applications with Spy
Generalizing Path Expressions with Variables

Learn the most suitable practices to be executed while working with Ranorex.

Creating a Ranorex snapshot
Creating a compressed Ranorex solution
Creating a shortened Ranorex report
Add a solution settings file
Fix 'element not found an error


Edtia Support Unit is available 24/7 to help with your queries during and after Functional Testing using Ranorex Certification Training.

The demand for functional Testing is essential in validating the rate and functionality of the software. Quality assurance teams demonstrate the software functionality based on the Software Requirements Specification through this software testing technique.

To better understand Functional Testing using Ranorex, one must learn as per the curriculum.

Unit testing. Component testing. Smoke testing. Sanity testing. Regression testing. Integration testing. API testing. UI testing.

Ranorex Studio is an Integrated Development Environment. Net framework applications are written in C# and VB.Net. Ranorex Studio is established on SharpDevelop, an open-source tool.

Ranorex utilizes the existing Selenium WebDriver infrastructure to run web tests on Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Chromium on Microsoft Windows.

Ranorex Studio tools authorize groups to automate tests for the whole range of Java technologies, from Java applets in web browsers to applications.

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Functional Testing using Ranorex

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By enrolling in the Functional Testing using the Ranorex Certification course and completing the module, you can get Edtia Natural Language Processing with Python Certification

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