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The PMP certification is a globally recognized certification course that includes the testing of a candidate's ability to manage the people, processes, and business priorities of a professional project.

Course Description

The PMP certification is a globally recognized certification course that includes the testing of a candidate's ability to manage the people, processes, and business priorities of a professional project. This certification course is applicable to project managers in varied industries, including health, construction, information technology (IT), business, etc. It helps in developing the key skills necessary for becoming a project manager, along with enhancing your knowledge in multiple domains.

The PMI certification represents essential knowledge, experience, and education to effectively contribute to project, strategic and organizational success. PMI has certified more than 740,000 PMPs globally being the world's largest project management association.

The objectives for the PMP Certification course includes: Gaining knowledge about Project Management Institute and standards of Project Management. Understanding the fitness of projects within the organization and strategy. Focusing on project benefits in addition to the traditional project output focus. Recognizing and recalling formal Project Management terms and practices used in the global industry. Understanding the internal and external factors influencing the projects such as organization structures, process assets, and enterprise environmental factors.

From your application approval date to clear the exam, PMI provides you with three attempts in a year.

According to PMI, 50% of the exam describes agile or hybrid approaches and the other 50% of the exam represents a predictive project management approach. The current exam pattern includes questions from three domains to answer: People (42%) Process (50%) Business Environment (8%)

To understand the global language of Project Management and connect with Project Management Professionals, enroll now for the PMP certification course. The PMP course includes a new section on the role of the project manager in both large and small companies considering a greater emphasis on strategic and business knowledge.

Depending upon the unique circumstances, a PMP certification is worth it to you professionally and financially. The PMP certification gives industry recognition to employers or clients & shows that you have the experience and training required of a professional in Project Management. The PMP certification makes you likely to learn a significant amount about project management & master the skills to make you a better project manager. The PMP certification course develops an understanding of Agile and Scrum methodologies through Agile training implementing advanced concepts of risk management. The PMP certification helps in analysis and integration of project management areas like scope, schedule, cost, quality, human resources, communications, risk, procurement & stakeholders.

What you'll learn

  • You will be eligible to claim your PDUs from PMI upon completion of the requirements of the courses.
  • You will get to learn skills associated with project management and plenty of aligned skills.
  • In this course, you will get to build on and solidify the training of an experienced project manager.
  • You will get to understand and connect with the global language of Project Management Professionals.


  • You’ll need to validate your education and project management experience to take the exam.
  • 35 hours Training: Coursework addressing learning objectives in project management.
  • Experience in leading projects: 36 months experience if you have a four-year degree, while 60 months experience if you have a high-school diploma or associate’s degree.


Course Introduction
PMI LO Choice Walk-Through

Build a Team
Define Team Ground Rules
Negotiate Project Agreements
Empower Team Members and Stakeholders
Train Team Members and Stakeholders
Engage and Support Virtual Teams
Build a Shared Understanding About a Project

Determine Project Methods and Practices
Plan and Manage Scope
Plan and Manage Budget and Resources
Plan and Manage Schedule
Plan and Manage Quality of Products and Deliverables
Integrate Project Planning Activities
Plan and Manage Procurement
Establish Project Governance Structure
Plan and Manage Project Closure

Assess and Manage Risks
Execute Project to Deliver Business Value
Manage Communications
Engage Stakeholders
Create Project Artifacts
Manage Project Changes
Manage Project Issues
Ensure Knowledge Transfer

Lead a Team
Support Team Performance
Address and Remove Impediments, Obstacles, and Blockers
Manage Conflict
Collaborate with Stakeholders
Mentor Relevant Stakeholders
Apply Emotional Intelligence to promote team performance

Manage Compliance Requirements
Evaluate and Deliver Project Benefits and Value
Evaluate and Address Business Environment Changes
Support Organizational Change
Employ Continuous Process Improvement


This PMP course contains 35 hours of instructor-led live online classes with a schedule of 8 sessions (4.5 hours each).

Professionals with Project Management experience find this PMP certification helpful if they want globally recognized credential growth in their career.

You need to follow the undermentioned steps to become a project management professional. Obtain the 35-hour PM training from a PMI-authorized training provider. Apply for the PMP Exam. Clear the scheduled exam to get your certification. Gain 60 PDUs in three years to maintain your certification and report them through the PMI website.

The PMP exam contains 200 multiple-choice questions that need to be attempted in 4 hours.

For being a project manager you need to have certain key skills like risk & task Management, leadership, communication, quality management, scheduling, critical thinking, negotiating & cost management

The expected salary for a project management professional goes around $108,086 in the US.

The PMP certification requirements before appearing for the exam, you should qualify for 4-year degree. 36 months of experience in leading projects. 35 hours project management certification training.

The Support Team is for a lifetime and will be available 24/7 to help you in resolving queries, during and after the PMP Certification course.

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Training Course Features


Every certification training session is followed by a quiz to assess your course learning.

Mock Tests
Mock Tests

The Mock Tests Are Arranged To Help You Prepare For The Certification Examination.

Lifetime Access
Lifetime Access

A lifetime access to LMS is provided where presentations, quizzes, installation guides & class recordings are available.

24x7 Expert Support
24x7 Expert Support

A 24x7 online support team is available to resolve all your technical queries, through a ticket-based tracking system.


For our learners, we have a community forum that further facilitates learning through peer interaction and knowledge sharing.


Successfully complete your final course project and Edtia will provide you with a completion certification.

PMP - Project Management Professional

You will receive Edtia’s PMP certification on completing 35 hours of live online instructor-led classes.

If candidates don’t earn the required Professional Development Units (PDUs) to qualify for recertification, then their certification will get suspended as per the CCR handbook by PMI.

The PMP certification course is aligned with the latest Project Management Exam content and can help you earn a better salary as compared to non-certified peers. It prepares you for the PMP exam through live instructor-led training classes.

This PMP course contains 35 hours of instructor-led live online classes with a schedule of 8 sessions (4.5 hours each).

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