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Pursue AWS SysOps Administrator by enrolling in EDTIA'S AWS SysOps Administrator Certification Training and upskill your knowledge and technological skill in the field.

Course Description

This Certification Training is developed to help you pass the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate Exam. Discover how to create automatable and repeatable deployments of networks and systems on the AWS platform using AWS features and tools related to configuration and deployment.

The AWS SysOps Administrators are accountable for the management, using, and operating systems on the AWS platform. They are also responsible for maintaining and managing the AWS infrastructure company, bills, and optimizing costs.

System Administrators, Software Developers with Developer Operations (DevOps) Experience, Cloud Professionals

Getting SysOps Admin certification gives a wide range of knowledge and skills, including Deploying, managing, and operating scalable, highly available, and fault-tolerant systems on AWS.

Expertise in software administration or software development, Basic Understanding of networking protocols (TCP/IP, HTTP), Fundamental Understanding of shell scripting in Linux environment

The AWS SysOps Administrators are liable for managing, using, and operating systems on the AWS platform. They are also responsible for maintaining and managing the AWS infrastructure company, the bills, and optimizing costs.

AWS SysOps Administrators are accountable for the effective provisioning, installation/configuration, operation, and supervision of virtual systems, software, and related infrastructures. They also uphold analytics software and create dashboards for reporting.

AWS mastery is sitting high on the list of most in-demand skills for employers. (AWS) skills are the most in-demand skills, with approx 25,350 open jobs.

What you'll learn

  • In this course, you will learn: automatable and repeatable deployments of networks methods on the AWS platform utilizing AWS components tools related to configuration and deployment Cloudwatch, Cloud trail, ELB, Route53, EC2, S3, Glacier,IAM, VPC, etc.


  • Expertise in software administration or software development Basic Understanding of networking protocols (TCP/IP, HTTP) Basic Knowledge of shell scripting in Linux, cmd, or PowerShell in Windows operating and keeping systems driving on AWS.


learn to compute services offered by AWS, Amazon AMIs.

Cloud Computing,
Cloud Services,
Amazon Web Services (AWS),
AWS Global Infrastructure.

Amazon AMIs launch an AWS EC2 instance, connect with an example, and host a website on an AWS EC2 instance.

Amazon Machine Image(AMI),
What is an Instance?
Types of Instances,
Creating Instances,
Managing Instances,
Troubleshooting Instances,
Network Interfaces,
Different Categories of IP

Learn the different storage services offered by AWS and how they can be used to transfer the data.

Cloud Storage,
Types of AWS Cloud Storage,
Understanding AWS Storage,
Amazon Elastic Block Storage(EBS),
Amazon S3,
Amazon Glacier,
Storage Security,
Storage Gateway,
Troubleshooting Storage Pricing in AWS.

Preface to Virtual Private Cloud(VPC), know about the VPC Scenarios, VPC components, VPC Peering, Configuring Subnets.

Amazon VPC,
VPC Subnets,
Route Tables,
Elastic IPs,
Internet Gateway,
NAT Gateway,
Access Control Lists(ACLs),
Security Groups,
Creating and Managing a VPC,
Network Security,
troubleshooting Networks in AWS.

Learn different database services offered by AWS that deal with structured and unstructured data.

Types of Database Instances
Amazon RDS
Amazon DynamoDB
Amazon ElastiCache

Know 'scaling' and 'load distribution techniques.'

Scaling in the Cloud
Load Balancer
Elastic Load Balancing(ELB)
Auto Scaling

Learn the monitoring services offered by AWS, Set up alerts and notifications for AWS resources and AWS usage billing with AWS CloudWatch, track user activity and API usage using CloudTrail.

Logging Basics,
CloudWatch logs,
AWS CloudTrail,
Monitoring and Security,
Allowing CloudTrail Log Delivery to an S3 Bucket,
Configuring CloudWatch Logs agent on an Instance

Learn Techniques in AWS to manage resource consumption and use configuration management tools.

Determining Cost Reduction Opportunities in the Cloud,
Monitoring and Price Alerting with Amazon CloudWatch,
AWS Trusted Advisor,
Creating Amazon Machine Images(AMI),
AWS OpsWorks,
AWS UserData,
AWS CloudFormation,
Amazon Elastic BeanStalk.


Edita Support Team is for a lifetime and will be available 24/7 to help with your queries during and after the completion of the course.

No, system administrators do not need a background in coding; some basic knowledge would be helpful.

Their average salary varies between $110,000 and $170,000 per year.

To better understand the AWS SysOps Administrator course, one must learn as per the curriculum.

Operating, managing, and deploying AWS systems with availability, high-scalability, and fault tolerance features. Managing and executing data flow from and to AWS. Appropriately selecting respective AWS services in data, computation, and security.

The AWS SysOps Administrators' essential responsibilities are to configure AWS Cloud Management and to monitor carefully and manage its services.

The AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate certification is the hardest of the associate-level certificates in Amazon Web Services' certification programs. This means it can be tricky for those who don't have on-the-job experience.

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Training Course Features


Every certification training session is followed by a quiz to assess your course learning.

Mock Tests
Mock Tests

The Mock Tests Are Arranged To Help You Prepare For The Certification Examination.

Lifetime Access
Lifetime Access

A lifetime access to LMS is provided where presentations, quizzes, installation guides & class recordings are available.

24x7 Expert Support
24x7 Expert Support

A 24x7 online support team is available to resolve all your technical queries, through a ticket-based tracking system.


For our learners, we have a community forum that further facilitates learning through peer interaction and knowledge sharing.


Successfully complete your final course project and Edtia will provide you with a completion certification.

AWS SysOps Administrator Certification Training

An AWS SysOps Administrator Certification Training is a certification that verifies that the holder has the knowledge and skills required to work with AWS.

By enrolling in the AWS SysOps Administrator Certification Training and completing the module, you can get Edtia Python Developer Masters Program Course Certification.

Achieving an AWS certification may help you increase your career as a solutions architect, developer, DevOps engineer, or SysOps administrator. Acquiring a forte certification could help you qualify for roles in advanced network engineering, data science, and other specialized fields.

AWS certified it is worth it. The general tendency is that most companies are on track toward cloud integration. Having the skills to help them power AWS and get the most out of their acquisition can increase your profession.

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