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Course Description

This course is an intro to Python scripting, which concentrates on the concepts of Python. It will enable you to conduct operations on variable types. Candidates will learn the significance of Python in a real-time environment and will be able to develop applications established on the Object-Oriented Programming concept.

A Python script is a cluster of commands in a file created to be conducted like a program. The file can have functions and import different modules, but the idea is that it will be managed from the command line or from within a Python interactive shell to perform a precise task.

Python is a computer programming language usually utilized to create websites and software, automate tasks, and conduct data analysis. Python is a general-purpose language, meaning it can be used to develop various programs and isn't specialized for any specific problems.

Python is generally utilized for creating websites and software, task automation, data analysis, and data visualization. As Python is to learn, it has been adopted by many non-programmers, such as accountants and scientists, for different everyday tasks, like organizing finances.

Py file that includes numerous Python commands that are usually run sequentially. Scripts are generally utilized to conduct a specific task or solve a problem, and scripts often use functions and other programming tools contained in modules.

Python is considered a scripting language because it translates source codes, and the confusion comes from a few blurred lines between programming and scripting languages. Nevertheless, if you take out the technical side of Python, it's a lot easier to understand.

Python is a very productive language. Due to the simplicity of Python, developers can concentrate on solving the problem. They don't need to spend too much time comprehending the syntax or behaviour of the programming language.

Data science. Scientific and mathematical computing. Web development. Finance and trading. System automation and administration. Computer graphics. Basic game development. Security and penetration testing.

What you'll learn

  • After completing this course, you will be able to: Know the concepts related to Python as a programming language Comprehend the Scripting concepts Understand the importance of Python in real time environment Understand data types, operators, decision making statements and loops Create and execute functions and modules (Boto3) Create networking application with proper GUI Develop applications based on Object Oriented Programming


  • Basic understanding of Computer Programming languages and basic concepts related to Data analysis.


Give a brief idea of what Python is and touch on the basics.

Overview of Python
The Companies using Python
Other applications in which Python is used
Discuss Python Scripts on UNIX/Windows
Operands and Expressions
Conditional Statements
Command Line Arguments
Writing to the screen
Creating "Hello World" code
Demonstrating Conditional Statements
Demonstrating Loops

Learn different types of sequence structures, related operations, and their usage. Also learn diverse ways of opening, reading, and writing to files.

Python files I/O Functions
Lists and related operations
Tuples and related operations
Strings and related operations
Sets and related operations
Dictionaries and related operations
Tuple - properties, associated processes, compared with the list
List - properties, related operations
Dictionary - properties, related operations
Set - properties, related operations

In this module, you will learn how to create generic python scripts, how to address errors/exceptions in code, and finally how to extract/filter content using regex.

Function Parameters
Global variables
Variable scope and Returning Values
Lambda Functions
Object Oriented Concepts
Standard Libraries
Modules Used in Python (OS, Sys, Date and Time etc.)
The Import statements
Module search path
Package installation ways
Errors and Exception Handling
Handling multiple exceptions
Functions (syntax, arguments, keyword arguments, return values)
Lambda (features, syntax, options, compared with the parts)
Sorting - sequences, dictionaries, limitations of sorting
Errors and exceptions (types of issues, remediation)
Packages and modules - modules, import options, sys path

This Module helps you get familiar with the basics of statistics, different types of measures and probability distributions, and the supporting libraries in Python that assist in these operations.

NumPy - arrays
Operations on arrays
Indexing slicing and iterating
Reading and writing arrays on files
Pandas - data structures & index operations
Reading and Writing data from Excel/CSV formats into Pandas
NumPy library- Installation, Creating NumPy array, operations performed on NumPy array
Pandas library- Installation, making series and data frames, Importing and exporting data

In this module, you will learn in detail about data visualization

matplotlib library
Grids, axes, plots
Markers, colours, fonts and styling
Types of plots - bar graphs, pie charts, histograms
Contour plots
Matplotlib - Installation, Using Scatterplot, histogram, bar graph, a pie chart to show information, Styling of Plot


Edtia Support Team is for a lifetime and will be available 24/7 to help with your questions during and after the Python Scripting Certification Training.

Being a Python developer is a good career choice, primarily due to the rising need for Python developers in multiple industries. Many companies like Google and Facebook operate Python, and it also has a high-paying salary.

To better understand the Python Scripting Certification Training, one must learn as per the curriculum.

Python is not only one of the most popular programming languages across the globe, but it also offers the most promising career opportunities. This demand for Python developers is increasing every year, and there is a reason why this high-level programming language is so popular.

The average salary is $120,000 per year.

Yes, learning Python is worth it. Python is easy to understand and can execute any task to resolve tech issues, making it more practical than other programming languages. At the same time, evolving a specialist in Python gives you access to multiple viable career opportunities.

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Training Course Features


Every certification training session is followed by a quiz to assess your course learning.

Mock Tests
Mock Tests

The Mock Tests Are Arranged To Help You Prepare For The Certification Examination.

Lifetime Access
Lifetime Access

A lifetime access to LMS is provided where presentations, quizzes, installation guides & class recordings are available.

24x7 Expert Support
24x7 Expert Support

A 24x7 online support team is available to resolve all your technical queries, through a ticket-based tracking system.


For our learners, we have a community forum that further facilitates learning through peer interaction and knowledge sharing.


Successfully complete your final course project and Edtia will provide you with a completion certification.

Python Scripting Certification Training

Python Scripting Training demonstrates that the holder has the proficiency and aptitudes to work with Python Scripting.

By enrolling in Python Scripting and completing the module, you can get the Edtia Python Scripting Financing Training Certification.

Know the concepts related to Python as a programming language, Comprehend the Scripting concepts, Understand data types, operators, decision-making statements, and loops, Create and execute functions and modules (Boto3), Create a networking application with proper GUI, Develop applications based on Object-Oriented Programming

A valuable Python certificate is a potent weapon in the race for better employment, first-rate expertise, and greater competitiveness. Certification opens doors to a better position and better pay. It is an excellent motivator for self-improvement and self-development

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