Learning is a continuous process and it cannot come near the end since the trends for learning are increasing day by day. There are project managers who have got great practice to work in a particular organization and their importance has increased so much so that new skills have come up in the market on different platforms and if you want to enhance your skills, you can go through project management related courses. It is the time of the digital world and now things are not restricted to classrooms and professors. If you want to learn anything you like regarding technology, you can just go through online course platforms and you’ll be able to learn various things about websites and digital marketing. Online courses have given rise to many management courses also and project management is one of the courses that you can go through to enhance your skills. 

Edtia offers Online project management certification courses that represent essential knowledge, experience, and education to effectively contribute to project, strategic and organizational success.

Let’s know about some best online PMP certification training courses for Project management:

PMP certification training course

If you want to learn the concepts in the easiest way possible, the PMP certification course is perfect and this training has the intention of giving you intensive preparation for your PMP certification. If you want to do one of the best project management courses available in the world, this is certainly going to be great for you. As far as the cost of this particular self-paced content-related course is concerned, it is going to be a reasonable option if considered from a professional and certified platform like Edtia. You can go ahead with the course by simply signing up on the website of Edtia. 

PMP certification 2021

It is up to date with the newest PMP certification and there’s also the incorporation of diverse skills and approaches in the course. This particular course focuses on three domains of people, process, and business environment and it includes other approaches which are going to help the learners gain extensive skills. You can choose the times and the dates according to your comfort zone and you can learn from the instructors in a very good manner. As far as the cost to pursue this course is concerned, it is $799 or if you want to make monthly payments, it is also available according to your comfort zone. If you are an early bird registration, you can also get discounts and you can also get yourself registered in the group. For you to sign up, you will have to visit the website of Edtia.

The Online PMP certification training offered by Edtia is a globally recognized certification course that includes the testing of a candidate's ability to manage the people, processes, and business priorities of a professional project. 

Practical project management certificate

You’ll be able to learn the tenets of effective project management in this particular course and you’ll get to know about the methodologies and project management tools along with identifying and managing project scope. You will also get to garner a basic understanding of how project management tools work. If you want to apply this project management course to your everyday life and work, it is certainly going to be the most perfect one. Undoubtedly, this particular course is one of the best project management courses available today.

As far as the cost to pursue this particular course is concerned, it is going to be $695 for a two-week course and you can visit the website of Edtia to sign up for the further process. 

PMP Exam Review Platinum Course

This particular course is built on a 30-minute bite-sized framework and it shows that you are never overworked or overwhelmed with any one of the sessions available with this course. There are some mini-assessments and virtual flashcards available in this course for you and you can go through them one by one to practice your materials. This particular course is going to be great, especially for professionals who want to optimize their productivity at work. As far as the cost to pursue this course is concerned, it is going to be $495 and you can sign up on the website of Edtia for details.

Diploma in project management

Edtia’s project management is a very famous program and you can find some practice questions if you want to test your understanding related to project management. As far as the cost to pursue this course is concerned, it is free and if you want to pursue it, you can go through Edtia’s website for more details.

Fundamentals of project planning and management

You will have to submit your work every week and that work is graded this online project management course will help you gain the skills related to project planning and management. You’ll also get assignments of readings that will be related to project management and you’ll have to go through the courses in four phases including introduction, development of the project, risk management as well as project execution. If you want to go through this course, you can go ahead as Edtia is a very famous registered project management institute education provider. The duration of the course is 4 weeks long and you will have to give at least four hours per week. As far as the cost to pursue this particular course is concerned, it is free for everyone but you will have to enroll yourself on the website of Edtia for further details.


Professional PMP online certification training course offered by Edtia helps you gain a competitive edge, prove you work smarter, make your goals a reality with experts, and gain mechanisms to help you become a better project manager. Project management courses have become famous as they help in enhancing the skills of the candidates and more and more candidates are coming forward to pursue such courses because they believe that they are going to add skills to their careers. You will be able to get a free trial model and if you like the trial, you’ll be able to pay and decide to go ahead with the course. If you want to go through the courses of Edtia, you can go through them as you will find the courses related to PMP certification, Scrum for project managers, etc.


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